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rodney peak

We had the pleasure of interviewing this brilliant BOSS located in Pensacola, Florida. Let’s see what he has to say!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Rodney Peak and I am the originator of the first credit enhancement tactics/strategies utilizing leveraging aspects of the Credit Reporting Industry's “CDIA” metro 2 data-filled formatted reporting standards. The tactic is named the OM2C methodology or more specifically the Original Metro 2 Compliance Methods for credit report enhancement and enrichment efforts in hopes to force credit furnishers to report accounts accurately and adequately. I created Prodigy Surge Software to utilize the “non-disputing” compliance-focused attack strategies to bring greater and more powerfully innovative tactics and ethics into the credit enhancement industry one credit repair organization (“CRO”) at a time!

What is your profession?

I am a credit repair owner, the owner of a software (Prodigy Surge), and compliance-focused authority in the credit enhancement space!

Why did you choose the profession you are in?Oh my, it's MORE like I have been groomed for what I do now all my life; so no REAL actual answer to this great question! Primarily my desire was to be ethical 100% of the time as I attempted successful efforts to enhance and enrich consumer credit profiles more efficiently. This is what led me to seek significantly better and ethical ways to utilize the CDIA's own suggested reporting mandated standards in conjunction with federally and state outlined regulatory requisites for fair, accurate, and complete reporting of consumer reports. With this, Prodigy Surge Software was born.

What is Prodigy Surge Affiliate Group (PAGS)?

Prodigy Surge Affiliate Groups are Facebook groups intended to serve as an a hub for Prodigy Surge users to gain additional knowledge about Prodigy Surge Software, its tactics, methodologies and letters. The designated leader of each PAGS group serves a pillar to its community to train, motivate and spread the word of Prodigy Surge Software.

If you can name one person that helped you get to where you are now, who would that person be and how did they help you get to where you are?

My ex-wife Naomi Michelle Peak always believed in my capacities and she "knew" I was meant to change lives! To this day, although divorced, she never fails to promote my endeavors to others.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone who aspires to become an entrepreneur, what would your advice be?

Confident, patient, and ethical practices will always render significant benefits. Aim for the ethical road regardless of "cost" or "efforts" involved as the dividends will be AWE-INSPIRING soon enough! Find God for those days things are not so bright.

Who are the group leaders for the PAGS Groups?

Dustin Ball

Brent Bradford & Deborah Waiters

Marco Castro

Kenzel Pearson & Sharnise Christy

Dion Coopwood

Who are the group leaders for the PAGS Groups?

To stay connected with Rodney Peak, follow his social media handles below:

Facebook: Prodigy Surge Official Announcements

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