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Richelle Smallwood

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We interviewed this exceptional BOSS located in Greenville, North Carolina! Let’s see what she has to say!

Tell us about yourself!

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and self-published children's author. I received my Bachelor’s degree in social work from the prestigious Elizabeth City State University and my Master’s degree in social work from East Carolina University. While enrolled as a student at East Carolina University, I drafted my first children's book: "Lost and Found: Journey to Self-Discovery." It was initially developed as a final seminar assignment but with the support of my cohort, I was inspired to publish it. In 2014, I published Lost and Found: Journey to Self-Discovery as a children's book but my dream did not stop there. In 2018, I published a workbook in addition to the children's book called "Lost and Found: Self Esteem Workbook." In 2020, I turned the workbook into a nine-session in-person and online self-esteem program for young girls.

I work full-time as an outpatient therapist in a pediatric specialty clinic. In addition to my role as an outpatient therapist, I have a private mental health practice called Providential Care: Center for Mental Wellness, PLLC. My specialties within my practice are trauma, chronic stress, self-esteem issues, and promoting positive parenting skills. In addition to being an outpatient therapist and author, I am a daughter, sister, "fly auntie" and friend to those who know and love me. I am an introvert and love to recharge by the beach with my tribe.

Who or what is your number one motivator and why?

There are several people who have aided in my success and who have been a part of my cheering team. However, my mother Rita Smallwood has been the most influential. There are many aspects of being an entrepreneur that most people won’t discuss. We live in a time where glow-ups and winning seasons are all that people would like to reveal. However, it was in those dark seasons or those scary moments that my mother was a constant reminder of why I started and she constantly reminded me to keep the faith. She would often say “baby girl if you don’t have faith, I have enough for the both of us.” Her prayers, encouraging words, and physically being there with me in the trenches to build my business have aided in my success and my ability to keep moving forward.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy getting dressed up and going to brunch with friends, finding a good binge-worthy show to watch with my sister, and going to the beach.

How can the community get in touch with you?

To stay in touch with Richelle Smallwood, you can follow her social media handles below:

Instagram: @Providential_Care_PLLC

Facebook: Providential Care: Center for Mental Wellness


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