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nina Bourda

We had the pleasure of interviewing our credit repair expert and boutique owner BOSS located in Oakland, California. Let’s see what she has to say!

Tell us about yourself!

I was born in Oakland, California. I am a mother of two adult children and I've been with my husband for 29 years and married for 12 years. Besides being an entrepreneur, I work in leadership for a well-known healthcare organization. I received my Masters's in Healthcare Administration from California State University, East Bay.

What is your profession? What do you do as an entrepreneur?

I am a manager for a well-known healthcare organization. As an entrepreneur, I have two businesses. I own an online women's boutique called Bee Bougie and a credit restoration company called Rising Elevations.

Who or what is your number one motivator and why?

My children are my number one motivator. I come from poverty and a mother who suffered from substance abuse. My mother had a stroke and was incapable of taking care of my siblings and I, so my grandmother raised me and my brothers from the time I was in the 4th grade up until the time I graduated high school. Although my mother was still around, her physical limitations and mindset were not stable. The environment I grew up in was not one I would want my children to experience. I vowed to always provide an environment that was loving, peaceful, and safe. My children are my world and I am working hard to leave them a legacy as I never want them to have to struggle or depend on others to survive. I am the generational curse breaker. This is not just for them, but for their unborn children to create generational wealth.

If you can name one person that helped you get to where you are now, who would that person be and how did they help you get to where you are?

I would have to say, my husband. He's been my number one supporter throughout our entire relationship. We have experienced failure and success together. No matter what I want to do, he's there to support me.

How can the community get in touch with you?

To stay connected with Nina Bourda, follow her social media handles below:

Facebook: Rising Elevations

Instagram: @beebougie2020 | @risingelevations

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