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Cortni Davis-Jackson

We had the pleasure of interviewing our BOSS Cortni' Davis-Jackson located in California. Let’s see what she has to say!

Tell us about yourself!

Born and raised on the Westside of Los Angeles, California, I am truly a Cali Girl. Music has always been a first love. Singing started for me as early as elementary school (singing at graduations, school plays, the Church Choir, High School talent shows and girl groups.). Music runs in my family. My father is a singer and vocal coach. My mother has a beautiful voice as does my sister. Growing up, we converted our garage into a studio and I recall vividly, countless days of vocal coaching, recording and rehearsals with group members after school and on weekends. During my High School years, I discovered a love for writing poetry and was blessed to have a poem published in an edition of This later fueled my hand and passion for song writing. Songwriting brings a whole new dynamic to the artistry of music and entertainment. In my early 20's, I auditioned for American Idol and made it to the top 80 contestants during "Hollywood Week."

What a journey and experience that was. After American Idol, I went on to audition for Diddy's "Making the Band" in San Francisco and TLC's "R U The Girl" in which I received two-day call backs for both. After my reality show experiences, I continued on with girl groups and eventually pursued a solo career. This is where I really honed in on the skillset of song writing and it excited me! Music itself, is magic! Being able to create a song from beginning to end was a thrill and I grew hungry for more. Being a singer is one thing, however songwriting was an entire new way of expression. I started connecting with established producers working on projects, performing at various venues, and writing for other artists. I was even blessed to be awarded as a "finalist" in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition for an original work.

After a while, I took a step back from music to actually "adult" lol! While that break lasted a few years, my passion for creating music still followed me and almost to a point of haunting me.

What is your profession? What do you do as an entrepreneur ?

Jingle Lingo is an all-purpose media and advertising company specializing in jingles for brands, commercials, businesses, companies, radio, voice-overs and demos. Let’s not leave out those special occasion Jingles for that special person or an event (i.e, engagements, weddings, or birthdays). While we’d love to one day tap into television and movie soundtracks, our current focus is catering to new and small businesses that may have limited budgets for advertising markets. Our goal is to support and uplift others; get their brand recognized while making Jingle Lingo the “Go To” Company. Music is an EMOTION – a feeling of nostalgia and is also contagious. Our jingles are catchy and promote “Feel Good Music.”

Why did you choose the profession you are in?

After years of dabbling in the music business, during the first wave of Covid-19, I realized I was wasting talent and I needed to do something about it. But in what capacity?While sitting on the sofa one day, jotting down different ideas for business ventures (as I had all these ideas that have/had huge potential, I just needed to pick one to start with).I knew I no longer wanted to pursue being an artist. I wanted to be behind the scenes and stick with the craft of writing. Being that music has always been my first love, I naturally gravitated to the idea of making music. Jingle writing utilized all of my talents and it just felt right! I began my work and research on starting a company and building a brand. While I knew this would be a LOT of work, research and time, I was ready for the task and more than capable. So, the journey began.

What or who is your number one motivator and why?

I am my number one motivator! I do this because not only is it a passion, it is my gift from God. Who am I to sit and waste it? There are so many different avenues to be explored, and so much to learn and share. Jingle Lingo, for me, gives true meaning to the phrase, "when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work." I do this to build for my family and our future.

If you can name one person that helped you get to where you are now, who would that person be and how did they help you get to where you are?

I honestly can't name one person, but I can definitely say my parents, sister and my partner. They have been key in helping get this off the ground and keeping me motivated whether it's an ear, advise, a voice, cheering me on, setting-up a home studio, website, etc. They are ALL IN with me!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love making memories with family and friends, listening to and creating music, dancing, and I love to travel.Shopping and self care are also pretty high on that list as well, lol!

How can the community get in touch with you?

To stay connected with Cortni Davis-Jackson follow her social media handles below:


Facebook: thatjinglelingo

Twitter: @jinglel_ingo

Instagram: @jingle_lingo

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