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colibranna powell

We had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely financial consultant BOSS located in Deltona, FL. Let’s see what she has to say!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Colibranna Powell. I am a single mother of five and I have three beautiful grandchildren. I’m from Harlem, Florida, but currently reside in Deltona, Florida. I have an Associate of Arts from Hillsborough Community College and a Bachelor of Criminology from the University of South Florida. I like to consider myself very outgoing, a hard worker, and I love to assist people with their dreams and goals.

What is your profession? What do you do as an entrepreneur?

I currently have five businesses where I serve as a professional tax preparer, life insurance agent, credit consultant, notary public, and the owner of a non-profit organization for single parents. As a tax professional, I leverage the tax code to help entrepreneurs and taxpayers keep more of their profits from taxes. As a life Insurance agent, I provide education to people on the importance of having life insurance for their families. Because many people question the need of having life insurance, I assist in closing that gap by explaining the importance of life insurance. As a credit consultant, I assist people with the importance of credit and how it is needed in our everyday lives. The power of credit can open many doors and create generational wealth. Finally, my non-profit organization focuses on single parents. I’m a single parent and I know the obstacles I faced in society as a single mother. Thus, I am using my tools and skillets learned as a single parent to help other single parents by assisting with financial literacy, homeownership, and credit.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone who aspires to become an entrepreneur, what would your advice be?

The advice I would give to anyone becoming an entrepreneur is to not depend on family and friends, but depend on yourself. Everyday show up for your business, regardless of whether you are broke or have money in your pockets. What has allowed me to be successful is that I have a great support system that are always in my corner when I need them. Another piece of advice is to collaborate with others but be mindful of who you choose to collaborate with. Try improving yourself daily and always stay educated. Don’t always focus on the money, because just like anything in life, you have good days and bad days as an entrepreneur. Finally, have a purpose because it will keep you grinding for more each day.

What or who is your number one motivator and why?

My number one motivator is my oldest brother Eddie Powell Jr. My brother is facing three life sentences for a crime he did not commit. The system used his past against him. It's been difficult seeing my brother in the position he is in. It's even more difficult knowing that as much as I try to help, my efforts of saving him have gone unnoticed. Because of this, and the injustice my brother has faced, I hard daily in every capacity. Growing up, my brother was the bread winner for our family. I watched my mom fight her hardest to raise seven children. As a single mother, trying to be there for all her children was difficult to say the least. Watching my mother struggle showed me that I wanted different for my life. When my brother got incarcerated I was devastated. I've worked in the prison system for over seven years and I saw the challenges inmates faced firsthand.

Many times, inmates were wrongfully convicted and if they couldn't afford a lawyer, sadly their destiny was sitting behind bars. This is why my brother's imprisonment is so difficult for me. Not only was he wrongfully convicted, he was someone I looked up too. My brother raised my siblings and I, bought our school clothes, and showed us how to live in this world. To hear the words "THREE LIFE SENTENCES" the day he was sentenced, changed me. I use this tragic experience to better myself, however, at times it can be difficult. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I give insight to my clients, friends, and family so they don’t go down the same road my brother faced. I pray daily that my brother's case get overturned and he is afforded an opportunity to walk out the prison gates and live the true life God planned for him. I wish the United States would change the system and use Prison Reform to fight for inmates that are wrongfully convicted, instead of locking individuals up with no resources or help.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to watch football in my free time.

How can the community get in touch with you?

To stay connected with Colibranna Powell, follow her social media handles below:

Facebook: Colibranna Consulting

Instagram: colibranna1

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