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carlina w.

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Meet our Bosses Sip Tea™ and dynamic speaker Ms. Carlina Whiting! Carlina will speak on the importance of business funding and how to build business credit.

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Bosses Sip Tea (Instagram Post)_edited.jpg

her Story

Carlina grew up with less than the average child. She spent majority of her life with in the foster care system moving from home to home. Despite the ups and downs, Carlina always remained hopeful to a future. She was the first of her biological family to achieve her high school diploma and later three college degrees. Carlina is the proud CEO of now three companies. Her passion consists of helping current and former foster youth as well as individuals who strive to achieve wealth forever.

Bosses Sip Tea (Instagram Post)_edited.jpg


She is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(800) 532-1622

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