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What's On Our  Agenda for 2023

Bosses Sip Tea™  was curated in 2022 with the goal of bringing women from all walks of life together. Bosses Sip Tea™ prides itself on hosting dynamic Women Empowerment Conferences and Weekend Getaways. With a focus on empowering and motivating women, Bosses Sip Tea was birth.

If you are looking to be surrounded by professional and poised women, you have come to the right place. We are aiming to change lives daily through sisterhood, community, and building.

Many of you may be asking what is the difference between Bosses Sip Tea and Bosses Sip Society (BSTS). BSTS focuses on sisterhood, community, and development (personal and business). BSTS members enjoy discounts at our Annual Women Empowerment Conference and Weekend Getaways.

To learn more about our sisterhood, click here.

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What's On Our Roster

May 18-22, 2023

Meet us in Miami! Bosses Sip Tea™ is hosting our first Weekend  Getaway in Miami, Florida! Need some girl time and a getaway? This is the perfect opportunity for you! Limited tickets will be sold as we are keeping our groups as intimate and small as possible. 

If you are a Bosses Sip Tea Society member, you will receive early access to this Weekend Getaway and discounted rates on tickets.

October 19-23, 2023


Bosses Sip Tea™ is excited to be hosting our Second Annual Women Empowerment Conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Are you struggling to be motivated and need a push? Come join us in Jamaica for our Women Empowerment Conference.

We have phenomenal speakers on the lineup with a  host of planned excursions and activities! We hope to se you there!

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